Yes, I was a cheerleader. Shocking, I know.

This is me in my junior year of high school, at the weight I had been stable at since puberty. I’d say I was around 165 lbs at that point.

Then, later that spring, I got a severe case of mono and ended up out of school, in bed for almost a month and a half. I went up to 185 during that time, and from then on, my weight steadily climbed.

I gained a little bit freshman year of college (around 7 lbs), then lost it in the spring, then gained it all back somehow at summer camp. So, this is what I looked like at 214 lbs, my heaviest weight ever:

This was right before I decided enough was enough...and sadly it's the only full length photo I have of myself from that entire year.

Then, I started working out, and by the beginning of this year (my junior year), I was down 30 lbs to 184 lbs, and I looked like this:

However, that facial expression was not a result of the weight loss, I promise.

Then I gained a little weight back, putting me at the starting weight for this blog, 191.6 lbs.

Unfortunately, cutting off my feet didn't help my efforts.

This is the part where I record my progress since joining the blogosphere. My goal? 135 or a solid 56.6 lbs lost!

Week 1 (6/1/2011): 190.8 lbs (-.8 lbs)

Week 2 (6/8/2011): 192.6 lbs (+ 1.8 lbs)

Week 3 (6/15/2011): 190.1 lbs (-2.5 lbs)

Week 4 (???):  194.8 lbs (+4.7 lbs)

Week 5 (6/29/11): 189.0 lbs (- 5.8 lbs)

Week 6 (7/6/11): No weigh in apparently?

Week 7 (7/15/11): 189.6 lbs (+.6 lbs)


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