Where to start…Well, my name is Chelsea. I am a soon-to-be senior at a small college in NY, majoring in Music Education (I’ll be in charge of YOUR kids someday!). I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…HA. I’m so funny. But seriously, I had aspirations to be a published writer for a long time. I still do, I’m just too much of a perfectionist to approve of any of my books enough to send them to a publisher. Blogging is my outlet. I’m active on Tumblr (but none of you will find that out, as it’s too closely related to my school life and my friends), but I want a legitimate blog. Also, a blog that I can complain about feeling fat on, because everyone I know in the real world is under some delusion that I have amazing self-esteem. Maybe it’s because it’s great compared to what it was two years ago. Beats me.

In the past two years, I’ve lost 31 lbs, and in the past month and a half, I’ve gained back 7 of those. Sucks, I know. My goal is to get to 135; that’s still a bit overweight, but I haven’t been that small since before puberty hit and I gained these fantastic ta-tas. (And I wonder why they think I have such high confidence…) My favorite body part is my rack. My least favorite is my tummy.

Other random facts…I’m a Harry Potter nerd (Ravenclaw, bitchessss). I have a brilliant little sister and an amazing baby brother who I love dearly. I’m a cat lady, and kind of a feminist but I don’t go flaunting it like other feminists do. I grew up on a farm. Oh yeah, and I love running. Which helps with the weight loss thing, I guess. 🙂

That’s about it. Any questions?


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