Yesterday, I weighed in again. I was still stable at 176, which is fine with me. I expected to either slow down a lot or stop losing this week, since I’ve lost so much so quickly.

Today, I planned to go for a run, and then tell you guys allll about my new running route. But, that didn’t quite happen. Partly because I made the conscious decision to forgo the alarm clock for my last day of summer (because I start student teaching tomorrow!), but also because it’s icky outside. So, I may run later, but if not, I’ll just head to the campus gym.

But, I’m still excited to tell you about my running route.

Here’s a hint: it involves a cemetery.

I know, I know, how creepy can I get? But one of my best friends, who by some chance lives literally across a parking lot from me this year, mentioned that ever since construction started on campus over the summer, our normal running route has been blocked. And he said he wanted to run through the cemetery a couple blocks down from where we both live.

At first, I was wary of the idea. I mean, it seems a bit disrespectful to the dead, doesn’t it? But, I asked a few people for their opinions, and they were all of the opinion that it would be okay. So I went.

And oh my goodness, it was beautiful.

I’ve been walking through this cemetery with friends (including the one I mentioned) before, but never have I been there by myself. It’s an experience, let me tell you. The whole place was completely silent except for the wind and my music, and it was just so serene. It was literally the most relaxing run I have ever been on. I loved it.

One problem: Since that first time, I’ve found it hard to be there at a time when there aren’t groundskeepers mowing the lawn. I can’t go there before school starts, either, because the sun won’t be up yet and it’s against the law to be there during nighttime hours. Also, I know my friend said that he has come across mourners while he was there a couple times and had to stop running and walk out of the cemetery. So, there are a couple of drawbacks. But I found out that just running around the cemetery up towards campus and circling back through downtown takes roughly 30 minutes. It’s not as scenic, obviously, and there’s a lot of people around, but it’s a decent option to have when I can’t go here.

Still, I’m so excited that I found such a wonderful place to run. I’m going to try to go there every weekend, at least, since I won’t have to get up before the sun. I promised another friend that I would take him there next weekend, since he wants to get in shape. I can’t wait for him to understand how awesome the experience is.


About Chelsea M.

I'm a former high school band geek, who went on to college to learn how to be a better band geek, and will be graduating next spring with a degree that will allow me to be a band geek for the rest of my life. Needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled about it. :)

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