This is my new favorite website.



Seriously. Go read it. It will change your life. I’ve only known about it for a half hour and I’m already feeling better, more inspired, more motivated. Plus, it caters to my obsession with Post-it notes.


Also, this may be a sad excuse for a blog entry. And I’m sorry about my disappearances, I really am. Once I get into my new apartment on Tuesday (!), I hope to be able to create a normal blogging schedule, finally. Well, maybe not right away…I won’t have internet for a week or so, probably, so I’ll only be posting whenever I’m able to get to campus. At least I’m making an effort, right?

Now, go read that blog. I command thee!


About Chelsea M.

I'm a former high school band geek, who went on to college to learn how to be a better band geek, and will be graduating next spring with a degree that will allow me to be a band geek for the rest of my life. Needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled about it. :)

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