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I went running today! It was around 2.5 miles, once I calculated it, and it took me about 30 minutes including 10 of walking. My pace is getting better! It was so beautiful outside that I couldn’t resist. Not to mention, it’s a three day weekend (Happy Columbus Day!) so I had so much free time today.

Then I kind of negated the workout by going to Denny’s with my best friend for dinner. Oops. But she had just gotten back from fall break (their break was Thursday-Sunday, while I just have Monday off), so it was a special occasion.

Something else amazing! My sister has her first college audition (she’s going for dance) tomorrow morning, and it’s only a couple hours away. Since I wasn’t able to go home for the weekend, I’m going to go out there and spend the majority of my day with my family (minus Dad). I’m more excited than I expected, honestly.

And on top of that, my first concert is coming up in less than two weeks. I’m stressed, but so excited about it. A couple of my friends are coming to watch, and my students are so excited to show off how awesome they are. I’m starting to become really close with a few of them. It’s so amazing to know that there are kids that look up to me.

So, I may not be doing a great job of taking care of my physical health right now. I’ve maintained 176 since August, which isn’t bad, even though ideally I would have lost at least another 5 pounds by now. But, my mental health has never been in such great shape as it is lately. I’ve never been so happy in my life as I am now, and for now, that is definitely enough.


I am an oatmeal monster.

Or at least, I will be soon, with all of the oatmeal I’ve been eating.

Here’s a story for you: When I was a kid, I really liked those Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal packets for a little while, mostly because it meant I could get out of eating the nasty sugary cereal my dad liked for breakfast (I’ve always been a Smart Start and Raisin Bran kinda gal). Mom noticed, and, as everyone in my family tends to do, went a tad overboard and continued buying me that damn oatmeal until I graduated high school. Needless to say, by the time I was twelve, I never wanted to see oatmeal again. But, as my food budget has lowered and my health consciousness has raised, I’ve decided to try it again. And I came up with the best recipe ever.

PB&J Oatmeal.

I know, it’s really not a groundbreaking idea. But I never realized how good it would be! So, for the past month and a half, I  have had PB&J Oatmeal of some sort nearly every morning for breakfast. YUM. I’ve tried pretty much every consistency and flavor of peanut butters and jellies imaginable since I moved into the apartment.

The winning flavor? White Chocolate peanut butter (made by Peanut Butter & Co., you can totally get it at Walmart) and blackberry preserves. It. Is. Heaven.

And the best part? It’s cheap and it’s only about 7 points for the whole meal. Whee!


A new buddy!

I managed to skim over it yesterday, but I had a really rough weekend. I won’t get into details, because honestly, I have another blog plus an old-fashioned j0urnal to dump my emotions in. Anyway, I felt pretty badly the past couple of days. So, two of my friends took me for a different kind of shopping therapy on Saturday afternoon, and yesterday, I came home with this:

Her name is Olive, and she is my first official, 100% mine, pet!

Before you call this an impulse buy, it wasn’t quite that. I’ve wanted a hamster for my whole life, but couldn’t because of our cats. And I took 24 hours to really think about it. I’m so happy to have her. One of my friends put it as “buying an unconditional friend”. Sad, but true. I love her already, especially after watching her learn how to climb her cage and swing upside down from it like Spiderman last night. Obviously, she’s just weird enough to be the perfect pet for me.

Striking a balance

Wow, it’s been a while. Somehow the past couple weeks have just flown by. I really thought that it had only been a few days since the last time I posted, but apparently not!

No real news on the weight loss front just now. I’ve maintained a steady 176, so while I haven’t lost anything, I haven’t gained it back either. It’s surprising, really, seeing as I have not been eating very well over the past week, and have only managed to exercise once a week, max, since the beginning of September.

Clearly, I’m still struggling to find a balance between student teaching, work, and music while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle, despite the fact that I have been student teaching for almost a month and working at my new job for almost two weeks. I would love to say that it has been easy to stay healthy, but honestly, it hasn’t. I’ve set a goal this week of going to the gym three times. I think that’s do-able, as I only have student teaching stuff on Monday and Tuesday, and I’m working on Wednesday and Saturday. Though, that may change. I made the mistake of agreeing to play on three of my friends’ graduation recitals this semester, and within the next two weeks, two of them have their hearing (the graded dress rehearsal, basically), and one has his actual recital. I need to learn not to overextend myself.

However, there is one good thing. I love student teaching. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I have struggled with depression and anxiety for the majority of my life. This past month, I have been happier and more confident than I have ever felt before. Maybe that is the real reason why I’ve slacked off on my exercise routine. It’s not the best reason why, but finally being happy with my life makes me feel like I don’t need to change myself so much. It’s a tough situation, but remembering how strong and confident I feel when I go running or lift weights is making me realize that I can be even happier than I am now.

I don’t plan on falling off the weight loss wagon just yet.

And the bass keeps running

Yesterday, I weighed in again. I was still stable at 176, which is fine with me. I expected to either slow down a lot or stop losing this week, since I’ve lost so much so quickly.

Today, I planned to go for a run, and then tell you guys allll about my new running route. But, that didn’t quite happen. Partly because I made the conscious decision to forgo the alarm clock for my last day of summer (because I start student teaching tomorrow!), but also because it’s icky outside. So, I may run later, but if not, I’ll just head to the campus gym.

But, I’m still excited to tell you about my running route.

Here’s a hint: it involves a cemetery.

I know, I know, how creepy can I get? But one of my best friends, who by some chance lives literally across a parking lot from me this year, mentioned that ever since construction started on campus over the summer, our normal running route has been blocked. And he said he wanted to run through the cemetery a couple blocks down from where we both live.

At first, I was wary of the idea. I mean, it seems a bit disrespectful to the dead, doesn’t it? But, I asked a few people for their opinions, and they were all of the opinion that it would be okay. So I went.

And oh my goodness, it was beautiful.

I’ve been walking through this cemetery with friends (including the one I mentioned) before, but never have I been there by myself. It’s an experience, let me tell you. The whole place was completely silent except for the wind and my music, and it was just so serene. It was literally the most relaxing run I have ever been on. I loved it.

One problem: Since that first time, I’ve found it hard to be there at a time when there aren’t groundskeepers mowing the lawn. I can’t go there before school starts, either, because the sun won’t be up yet and it’s against the law to be there during nighttime hours. Also, I know my friend said that he has come across mourners while he was there a couple times and had to stop running and walk out of the cemetery. So, there are a couple of drawbacks. But I found out that just running around the cemetery up towards campus and circling back through downtown takes roughly 30 minutes. It’s not as scenic, obviously, and there’s a lot of people around, but it’s a decent option to have when I can’t go here.

Still, I’m so excited that I found such a wonderful place to run. I’m going to try to go there every weekend, at least, since I won’t have to get up before the sun. I promised another friend that I would take him there next weekend, since he wants to get in shape. I can’t wait for him to understand how awesome the experience is.

I have returned!


I have internet at my apartment now!

Okay, confession. I’ve had it for a couple days, but I’ve been busy doing stuff for student teaching and catching up on other parts of my life, so I postponed my blogging return for a bit. But the important part is, I’m back!

And? I have exciting news.

In the two weeks that I was without technology, I changed my eating habits drastically. I was worried about how it would work. But, I’m proud to say, as of last Sunday, I weighed 176 lbs!!!!!

(Short break to scream with joy)

So, not only did I meet my first little goal of WW, by losing 5% of my weight, but I managed to get to my lowest adult weight ever. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I was in the 170s.  I’d like to say when I was 14 or 15…still not sure, though. Doesn’t matter, cause I am now!

And what’s done it is my new eating habits. When I was at home, even though I was on WW, I still stuffed my face with processed crap. When I got here, I decided not to do that anymore. And now, my fridge, finally fully stocked three weeks later, looks like this:

And my pantry:

Some of this stuff is my roommate's, such as the soda.

See? Hardly anything processed. And the things that are processed, are things like cereal and Fiber bars. Otherwise, my diet has mostly consisted of fresh fruits, spinach, lunch meat, and wheat bread. I’ve never felt so healthy in my life! I was sick for the first week or so, but that was more due to the difference in climate here than the food. Now, though, I feel fantastic.

The only problem I have is that I’ve been slacking off on the exercise lately. But, more on that in my next post. That way, I can tell you about my new running route, too. I know you’re dying to hear!

And so it goes

Hi, all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA all week. As I mentioned before, this week marked my move to my first apartment (YAY!). However, I completely forgot until I got there that I wouldn’t have internet. So, where am I blogging from, you ask? The music building on campus, of course. 🙂 And since everyone is moving into apartments in town right now, the cable company won’t be able to come by my apartment for at least another week. If we’re lucky.

However, as much as I have to say (and trust me, I have a lot!), I don’t have the time right now to sit down and really write a good blog post. This is more of a message saying “Hey, I haven’t forgotten you!” And I want to tell you what I plan on posting over the next week or so (I’ll be writing things in my apartment and setting them up to post later on in the week, I think).

Here’s what you can expect:

  • How my eating habits have already  changed since I’ve been here.
  • How to shop for a healthy lifestyle on a tiny budget.
  • How I feel about apartment living (spoiler: I LOVE IT!)
  • What my new exercise plan will be now that I am not only back to school, but on a completely different schedule and living in a completely different place than I’m used to.

And I’m sure I’ll have more to add! I’m so excited to start really getting into this blog. Like I’ve said, I finally have the independence to make my own choices about food. And I can tell it’s going to pay off.

You win some, you lose some.

So, I gained a couple pounds this week. 188 lbs, even, as of this afternoon.

You know what though? I don’t really care.

Some might say that’s a bad way to look at it. That it means I’m apathetic about my weight loss. But I don’t think so.

I had a horrible week for eating healthy, and subsequently, for tracking my food. Well, maybe my eating habits weren’t horrible…I definitely stuck to my fruit and veggies rule 4 out of the 7 days this week. Yay for me! However, I completely negated that with the rest of my diet. I should have seen it coming, honestly…this was my last full week home before going back to school, and that always means dinners out with friends, bonfires, and Mom baking something delicious. Now, I had two options: enjoy myself for the last week home, or deprive myself of all of my favorite foods, even though I won’t be able to afford them at all in a couple days’ time. So, I took the first option.

And I gained a bit. And I’m fine with it.

In two days, I will be waking up bright and early to move to my first apartment. For the first time in my life, I will have complete control over what I keep in my kitchen. And, since my roommate is also trying really hard to start a healthy lifestyle, you can bet there won’t be anything unhealthy in that house.

I’m excited to start my new lifestyle. Because as much as I’ve tried over the years, the one thing stopping me has been the presence of junk in my life. I only have so much self control, and soon, I will be able to do things my way.

But for now? I’m going to indulge a little. So sue me.

An awesome link

This is my new favorite website.



Seriously. Go read it. It will change your life. I’ve only known about it for a half hour and I’m already feeling better, more inspired, more motivated. Plus, it caters to my obsession with Post-it notes.


Also, this may be a sad excuse for a blog entry. And I’m sorry about my disappearances, I really am. Once I get into my new apartment on Tuesday (!), I hope to be able to create a normal blogging schedule, finally. Well, maybe not right away…I won’t have internet for a week or so, probably, so I’ll only be posting whenever I’m able to get to campus. At least I’m making an effort, right?

Now, go read that blog. I command thee!

I’m back!

Sorry about the disappearing act, peeps. This week wasn’t nearly as busy as last week was, but on Tuesday all of the things on my to-do list came crashing down on me in a horrible realization of how little time I have left at home. On top of that, I’m still exhausted from fair week (I know, I’m pathetic). So, I’ve basically spent my week cleaning, working, practicing, sleeping, and let’s not forget my favorite, rocking back and forth in the fetal position. (Did I really? I guess you’ll never know.)

So, anyway. Back to business. Yesterday I weighed in, as usual, and I weighed 186.2 lbs. That’s a .4 lb loss, so it wasn’t much. But honestly, I didn’t eat well this week because of stress, not to mention Mom decided to make all of my favorite unhealthy meals this week (grrr). And I tried to run, once. I say tried because it was crappy out, and I felt sick, so I started walking about a mile in and never ran for more than 30 seconds after that.

Bad week aside, I’m hoping to be more diligent about what I put in my mouth this week. Which is where my new goal came from:

*I will try to eat a serving of fruit and/or veggies with at least two meals a day.*

Surprisingly, it’s hard for me. One, because I’m seriously picky about my produce…if it looks at all bruised or has a cut on it, whatever, I won’t eat it. Two, I’m just not used to it. I did it easily at school, and grabbed a plate of grapes or salad with every meal. But at home, it’s a different story. It takes time and effort to cut an orange. Not to mention, fruit’s expensive. So I always fall out of the habit when I’m not at school. This year, though, I won’t have a dining plan. Which means, I won’t be able to go to the dining hall and grab a plate of grapes anymore. So, I’m getting into the habit of putting together my own produce plates now, that way I’m not tempted to avoid that section of the store when I grocery shop. Hopefully it helps me become less lazy about my meals.

I’ll be adding more goals, I think, as the next couple of weeks go on. I’m nervous about how my eating habits will change once I’m paying for my own food with my pitifully small bank account. Which is why I’m starting now, and hoping the new habits stick. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.